Samsung Infuse 4G source code now available

Posted on May 16 2011 - 11:52pm by Cameron Wright

Samsung has been on a roll recently between announcing Gingerbread updates to the Galaxy S and OG Galaxy Tab and releasing the source code for the Droid Charge at some point yesterday.  Since I am currently carrying an Infuse 4G as my primary phone right now, I decided to have a look see over at Samsung Open Source Release Center.  I was quickly able to find that the source for the Infuse had also dropped as well.

You will need to sign in to download the file, but it is there for the taking.  I would love to see if some developers might be able to remedy the low benchmark scores.  Perhaps with some Voodoo?  If you are a developer and have OSRC password, please head on over and get some ROM cooking begun.

Source: OSRC

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