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Samsung And Apple Demanding Each Others Devices

The battle between Apple and Samsung seems to be continuing with no end in sight anytime soon. Both companies have been suing each other over intellectual property. Samsung’s latest demands at Apple includes first crack at Apple’s products.

This fight began as what was believed an attack on the Android operating system. Apple has been claiming that Android has infringed on certain patents that have to do with the user interface and has in turn been demanding that Android device manufactures pay licensing fees, similar to what HTC is paying Microsoft.

However, Samsung has filled a counter claim stating that Apple has been using Samsung technologies for error correction and power consumption.  In recent turn of events, Samsung has demanded that Apple turn over units of their upcoming devices, mainly rumored as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. By getting Apple to succumb to these demands will enable the ability to discover whether or not upcoming products infringe on Samsung patents in any way.

While this is not brand new news on Samsung’s side, due to the fact that Apple has already asked the court for Samsung to hand over some of their devices, including the newly released Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy S II, and also their 10 and 9 inch Galaxy Tab.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out especially since both of these companies have a supposed relationship where Samsung supplies Apple with screens , processors, chips and flash memory and Apple just happens to be one of Samsung’s biggest customers.




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  1. The iPhone came out on the coattails of the iPod. The iPod clearly ( http://bit.ly/kcnELP ) took much design features from this Samsung product. I say they both stop wasting money on legalities and make good products. Oh, and keep these products updated lol

  2. “Sabre rattling” as both sides have too much to lose if the partnership dies. I don’t think Apple thought it would escalate like this. Their initial goal was to stop Android’s encroachment onto what they believe is their turf. This is backfiring as they are now threatening companies which they need as partners… companies who have money and who have the will to fight back.

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