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NVIDIA CEO Makes His Own Android Prediction

We have heard and seen many predictions when it comes to platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, and RIM and while some have been dead on some have not. The latest prediction was made at the Reuters Global Technology Summit concerning Android Tablets and Apple’s version the iPad.

The prediction was made by none other than the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang. According to Huang’s prediction Android Tablets will surpass Apple’s iPad in market shares with in the next thirty months. This prediction is not far off of the recent prediction regarding Android powered smartphones.

We have already seen Android takeover a big share of the smartphone industry with their platform and the same could hold true for Android based tablets. However, Android does have the upper hand over Apple.

We have seen Android on smartphones and tablets but there is also talk of the open source platform being put inside vehicles, televisions, home appliances, and plenty more. While Android has taken this huge step, Apple’s iOS is only found on iPhones and iPads at the moment.

Huang’s prediction was not the only thing to be said at the Summit. He also took the time to announce NVIDIA’s upcoming quad-core tegra chip, code named Kal-El. This new quad-core has already been secured by five major phone companies, along with five major PC developers.

Apple is getting ready to debut their newest iOS in June during the upcoming WWDC, however, Google is also preparing some Ice Cream sandwich goodness with Android 4.0 which is set to come at the end of this year. It will be interesting to see what happens when these two newest versions of these platforms go head to head and could give us a better look at the future of Apple and Android.

With all that when have seen over the last three years when it comes to the Android platform it will be interesting to see what happens in the next three years. The industry is ever changing and with talk of dual-cores, quad-cores and new versions we could be in for a fast and fun ride.


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  1. Here is my mobile predictions:

    Android will over take Apple in the tablet area in the next 24 months.

    As far as phones & tablets, Apple will still be a player for years to come, but will take on a roll like they had with Mac (vs. Windows) for many years addressing a smaller niche market.

    I have seen predictions that Windows Mobile will overtake Android, but just had to laugh at that one.  Microsoft had their day (before most people even knew what a smart phone was) and they pissed it away. If the future was still Windows Desktops etc, I’d say they may have a chance, but the way it is looking that will never happen.

    Personally, I think Microsoft should just start focusing their efforts on server markets and their cloud services and instead of trying to create a new “Microsoft” smartphone market, should be focusing on taking their existing/forthcoming cloud services and software and making them more available to Apple and Android devices.

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