More Trouble For Rooted Devices

Posted on May 25 2011 - 4:10pm by Kyle

Recently, we came to find out that rooted devices will not be able to rent movies using Google’s new movie rental system. While this is an understandable move on Google’s end is does leave rooted users in a funky situation. Do you choose between movies or the freedom of a rooted device?

Well, unfortunately Google is not the only one making this decision Blockbuster has also jumped on the band wagon. According to users of rooted devices they have seen the following message pop up when trying to take advantage of Blockbuster’s movie rentals.

“Tamper detected: Device detected as rooted. This device will not be able to download or playback Wildevine encrypted content.”

In case you are wondering Wildvine is the DRM-management company that Google had purchased back in December of last year. The appearance of this message comes soon after XOOM owners realized that their rooted tablets would not be able to take advantage of Google’s movie rental service. Both of these moves have left rooted users quite upset and for a good cause, however the reasoning behind it is not a bad one.

Film studios and distributors are the ones that asked for these security measures to be put in place due to the amount of illegal pirating that has taken place throughout the movie industries existence. It is quite understandable that they want their hard work to be protected. Unfortunately, it does leave us rooted users in a predicament, however, hopefully there will be some sort of work around for us in the future. Until then I guess we will have to sit back and be patient.



More Trouble For Rooted Devices was last modified: May 25th, 2011 by Kyle

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  • Anonymous

    Aw, you mean they won’t let me spend money to rent movies the dumbest possible way?! Wait.

  • Mark Gassner

    Since when does anybody care about Blockbuster? Aren’t they going out of business??

  • Anonymous

    If rooted phones aren’t allowed to watch non-pirated movies, movie watchers with rooted phones will have no choice but to pirate

  • Anonymous

    oh no! really?? *laughs* whats blockbuster again?