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More Details On The Droid 3

Nevermind that the Droid X2 won’t even be out til the end of the week, the rumors about the Droid 3 are heating up big time.  Although there have been numerous photo leaks of the incoming Droid 3 there hasn’t been much more coverage on the follow up to the original Droid, and the Droid 2.

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Technobuffalo.com is reporting the following specs from a tipster that is often correct when leaking to Technobuffalo.com:

-4 inch qHD screen
– dual core (most likely OMAP 4, Texas Instruments Processor at 1ghz)
– 5 row slide out keyboard
– 8mp rear facing camera
– Front facing camera
– HDMI out

photo courtesy of: Technobuffalo v

What the device is lacking is support for 4G/LTE.  Verizon Wireless came out with two guns a blazing when they lit up the new 4G/LTE network. There is no doubt about it that 4G/LTE is extremely fast however the Droid 3 (like the Droid X2) won’t support 4G/LTE.

Source: Technobuffalo.com


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  1. They’ve said they’re going to unlock the boootloaders on supposedly all future phones as well as past locked phones BUT >ONLY WHERE THE CARRIER APPROVES< which means since this is coming out on Verizon odds are that ain't gonna happen. I'm gonna have a hard time convincing my girlfriend this is worth buying off contract without 4G though… :S

  2. Where’d you hear that from? I know they said they will be more dev friendly but I never heard them say they will unlock the bootloader. I really hope you’re right. As for no Blur, that is a plus but I am not wanting an unlocked bootloader for stock Android but rather so I can put CM on it.

  3.  Just the opposite. Moto has said they will no longer lock the bootloaders on new devices. I’ve also read this device will not have Blur.

  4. Lacking LTE actually isn’t much of a problem at this point. What must be remembered is that most places still don’t have LTE and won’t for a year or two. My town is one of those that likely won’t have LTE until well into 2012. Verizon knows this and also knows that people don’t want to pay for an LTE device if they can’t use it. That’s why there will still be phones not equipped with LTE coming out into next year. Personally, this is more appealing to me than the DX2 since it does come with a FFC. Still won’t get it though because it’s going to be even more locked down than previous Moto phones.

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