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Exclusive: Dear Google Music Maybe We Don’t Want Our Entire Library In The Clouds

While we were anxiously awaiting the launch of the Music By Google beta, we started to worry about some of the developers in the Android eco-system that were successful at solving the problem of getting ones iTunes library on to their Android device.

One of those developers were the folks at Music WithMe.  Our App Editor, Elijah Ketchum, spent a lot of time with Music WithMe when it first came out and then again as they revamped and launched the latest update.  While we were getting excited about “Google Music” around the office we were worried about our friends at WithMe that offer a cloud based syncing of iTunes to an Android device.  They’ve also added the infamous “S” word, “social” to the WithMe experience.

We asked Music WithMe’s co-founder Jeff Fedor how “Google Music” affected their app and their business model. Fedor told thedroidguy:

For us the Google Music Beta really seems to have iTunes in its crosshairs much more so than Android developers. We’re all about choice. We’re not interested in changing a user’s media player and our social features don’t care how you got the track to your device. The mSpots and DoubleTwists of the world may feel differently.

To that end Fedor shared some interesting data with us. WithMe has been syncing music from iTunes for three years now via Blackberry and Android, and have since abandoned the BlackBerry space for the more lucrative Android space.

Fedor went on to tell us We’ve been getting people’s iTunes libraries to their mobile devices for the past 3 years and have a solid understanding about their expectations. When we look at out users, we discovered that, on average, 81% of a user’s library has never been played in iTunes.

Fedor did add that he hopes Google opens up the Music API’s. As with Google Voice we hope he’s not holding his breath.


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  1. If anyone’s looking for a Google Music Beta invite, I found a blog giving them out for free. I figured that the waiting list would be too long, so I tried the blog out, and got my invite about an hour later. Nice.

    I don’t know if they have any remaining invites, but if you want to try your luck here’s the site:


  2. Have you checked out withme it can do your whole library and it keeps itunes playlists in tact. I’ve got both and Withme has a lot more features.

  3. When I tend to want to listen to something in my library, I generally want to listen to something specific. (Otherwise I’d just use Pandora or some other streaming service)  From past experience no matter how careful I am picking and choosing a partial library on a device etc, I always end up wanting to hear one of the ones I did not include. Never fails.

    Now with Google Music, I don’t have to worry about that…

  4.  But the fact that we have the option to put our whole library in the cloud and access it from any computer with internet access and any phone connected to the internet, and the fact that we don’t ever have to transfer music over USB is all nullified because a developer doesn’t want to lose all the people that use his app to a more useful and better service.


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