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COWs, GOATs & Cafe’s Verizon Responds In Alabama

Verizon Wireless and major retail partner Cellular Sales were quick to mobilize in Alabama after last weeks horrific tornados.

With over 300 lives lost and many parts of Alabama still without functioning utilities Verizon Wireless has taken a number of steps to make communication easier for residents of tornado stricken areas.

Verizon Wireless has deployed two Cells On Wheels (COWs) to Tuscaloosa and Pleasant Grove two of the areas hit hardest.  The Cells on Wheels boost Verizon 3G coverage. They’ve also deployed and or activated several other temporary tower sites across The state.

Verizon Wireless has cut carrier lines and encourages residents in affected areas to come into their stores, as well as Cellular Sales stores in those areas to recharge your phones and make calls using the Verizon Wireless demo phones.

In addition to their stores Verizon Wireless has set up a mobile internet cafe near Phillip Campbell High School and a phone bank at Scott Elementary School in Pratt City.

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  2. I love Verizon for their service, I now heart them for their quick response to help communities in crisis!

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