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Breaking: Google Courting LG & HTC For 3rd Nexus (with image)


Mike over at techhog.com scored an exclusive from an old college buddy that works on the Android team over at Google. 

This buddy of Mike’s revealed that Google is courting both HTC and LG to manufacture the next installment of the Nexus saga. HTC manufactured the first Nexus One phone that is still more popular than the Samsung manufactured Nexus S. Except when they need features available only on the Nexus S like a front facing camera, or NFC.

This Google ninja shared a photo of the HTC hardware being considered for the third Nexus.  The device features no capacitive buttons.  Ice Cream Sandwich will require no physical buttons, similar to Honeycomb.

It was revealed by Eric Scmidt at MWC that the next version of Android would mash the tablet OS with the phone OS and be a sweet treat that begins with I.  At Google I/O earlier this month Ice Cream Sandwich was revealed with a late 2011 expected release date.

The Android team at Google is reviewing an HTC device and an LG device for Ice Cream Sandwich testing and as the possible next Nexus device.

Source: http://www.techhog.com/featured/exclusive-test-model-for-the-nexus-3-by-htc/


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  1. Ahh yes, i forgot about their Optimus 2X issues.

    Still, I’m fine with HTC, it’ll just be disappointing to go back to nothing-special LCD screen after the Nexus S, and even the Nexus One having AMOLED. Oh well, we’ll see how everything turns out.

  2. Maybe if you Verizon subscribers step up and start complaining about all of the modifications and Bing-ing they do. We all know that Verizon’s the reason you don’t have a Nexus device. They don’t want an open phone that they can’t put Bing on..and being cdma, Google can’t just release an unlocked phone to work on that carrier.

  3. I’m rooting for LG. HTC has the better build quality (I think, I’ve never really had an LG other than my old LG Scoop dumbphone), but LG has great IPS screens, and I’m a big supporter of the next Nexus having an awesome screen.

  4. What a meaningless photo. Would hope HTC, I don’t want LG thinking 3D is a must.

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