AppsGeyser VS. Infinite Monkeys: Battle of the we build your app site

Today we will take a look at two emerging websites and new forms of Application building. AppsGeyser and Infinite Monkeys are a new flock of websites were users who don’t know how to build applications or don’t have the funds to pay an application company like Skeleton Labs can go to have a basic website version put into an app.

Both sites are pretty simple to use. I was able to sit down with AppsGeyser and 2 minutes later had a full working app of my blog site:

However as you can see you don’t have a very functional application at all, just the website put into an app. While this could be useful to one or two people I honestly don’t see the point in this, you rather should go to the website its self rather then building this. While reviews for AppsGeyser keep mentioning how great and easy it is to use, none of them even mention why anyone would want to have this done. I know I’m supposed to just give news and information but i can’t honestly figure out why any one would want to have this made for their website. If you where able to edit things and how things work then maybe but no, its just “your” website made into an app.

Infinite Monkeys I haven’t been able to play with yet as you need to let them know the area of interest for your application, what devices you’d like to see it on(yet they only let you pick ONE, I don’t get either) and the preferred type of application(html, text,mobile). Then you have to request to be let into their beta program. Thats as far as you can go with theirs.

Either way, if you are interested in having an application made, my opinion would be either learn Java, find a friend that knows it to build you a real application, or save up and pay a company to build it for you. Especially if you want to put this into any of the respected markets do it right, not half ass it like these sites do for you.

Source: Infinite Monkeys AppsGeyser

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast editor. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company called Skeleton Labs


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  1. people don’t have time to create apps and small business owners face lack of funds. If anyone is giving free service it is always welcome. To speak, it’s technology moving forward!

  2. I think that the author is judging these options as an end user and not as a developer. A web developer can create a dynamic web site with existing technologies (php, css, jQuery mobile, .net) and wrapp it with Appgeyser or a similar wrapper in a matter of minutes, without having to install or learn new frameworks. You can have a mobile app with just a few clicks.

  3. Infinite monkey is pretty easy to use, just drag-and-drop platform for creating rich native mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and HTML5 smartphones – with no coding required.

    Moreover Apps are published instantly to Infinite Monkey Market as welll as a HTML5 version using your selected vanity URL and free provided QR code.

  4. Hi Brent.

    There is absolutely no any sense in making app from the website. We just provide option for developers or people who knows (barely or good enough) HTML make page or small app and make an Android app from that. We have many real case studies and publish some of them on our blog, you can check how our users use AppsGeyser.

    If you need really cool app and have enough money you definitely need to hire agency to build it. But it’s not smart enough to invest money and time to something you are not sure in. How some of our users use AppsGeyser is quickly build proof of concept, submit to Market and measure results. You can build app and have it on the Market the same day you’ve got the idea about your app.

  5. I think you are looking at it the wrong way. My guess is that a web developer would build an app using the tools they alway know (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc) rather than learning new languages. The app would be formatted for smartphone and tablet screens via CSS. Then they’d use AppsGeyser to package the whole thing up for different platforms. This is great if your app doesn’t require native functions (notifications, gps, accelerometer, etc). I have an app that falls into this category. This wouldn’t work for more advanced apps though.

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