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Sneak Peek at Future HTC Devices At London Event

It seems that HTC is sending out invitations for an event in London on April 12th, which just happens to coincide with Microsoft’s Mix 2011 developers conference. At this point not much is known regarding what all HTC will be showing off, but we are guessing that since it has been awhile since HTC debuted a Window’s phone that we may be seeing a few of those. Also HTC could also be debuting their HTC Pyramid along with the EVO 3D that we have been patiently waiting on a release date for.

The HTC Pyramid is said to have a dual core processor, dual cameras (8 mp in back, 1.3 in front), 4.3″ qHD display, and 768 MB of Ram. Rumor is that it is to have a May release date and be heading for Magenta. While the EVO 3D  is to launch this summer on Sprint. The EVO 3D is to feature Android 2.3, 4.3″ display, Dual Lens on a 5 mp camera, and of course the highlight, 3D capable with out the need for those funny glasses.

I am sure as the day gets closer we will gather a few more details concerning the London event, and even if HTC is able to keep it all top secret, the 12th is only ten days away. We will be sure to pass on any details that we gather between now and then. In the mean time do you think we will see the EVO 3D and Pyramid at this event? Let us know what you think.


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  1. With all the major trade shows having come and went, it seems that this is the last chance for HTC to make a big splash at the launch of the Pyramid, so I think it will certainly be there. The EVO 3D is a gimme, I would be shocked if they failed to take this opportunity to get some more hype going over their newest super-phone. As for release dates… that I’m not so sure about, I guess I wouldn’t really be surprised either way.
    I hope (though doubt) that they will give some more info on the EVO View coming to Sprint and the Wifi-only Flyer coming to Best Buy.

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