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NetFlix working on Moto Xoom- No April fools no joke inside

No this isn’t an Aprils Fools joke but something real. Earlier today while messing with the Xoom to see what it can do I decided to play around with some remote desktop clients seeing how big the Xoom was. I then got it into my head why not try NetFlix so I did and it worked. As of now the video is choppy(May be my own internet connection). But It works completely with video and sound.

Instructions After the break

I did this on a Windows 7 so yours may be different.

  • Download Remote Desktop from the Android market
  • Fully set that up so you can control your home computer
  • I used Chrome, but launch NetFlix(Has a Chrome App)
  • Sit back and enjoy watching

How to set up computer first:

  • Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System>Remote Settings(On left side)
  • Where it says “Remote Desktop” choice either the bottom one or the one above. The middle one is for if you plan on accessing it while not on same Wi-Fi connection as computer.

How to set up Remote Desktop via Wi-Fi:

  • On home computer to get your IP address which will be the address on app you go Start>CMD(Type that in and press enter)
  • Type ipconfig(You take your IP address which is the IPv4 Address
  • Input that as the Address in the app
  • Put your user name/password you have for computer
  • Connect


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  1. Nice April fools. So RDP’ing to somewhere is “working” on it? By this logic Photoshop, Office, and Visual Studio also “work” on the Xoom. How’s the 5fps? Seriously….

  2. Silverlight is only the delivery method for PCs/Macs, all video is encoded in VC-1, at several bit rates, and stored on CDNs throughout the US. Depending on your device, the VC-1 video will be pulled.

    Flash only supports h.264, which is horrible for older devices. A pentium 4 with hyper threading can decode VC-1 to just above DVD quality, while it would not even be able to touch a h.264 stream.

  3. Ah drat. I thought you were saying that a Netflix app for the Xoom was in the works. THAT would have been news.

    Neftlix would be silly not to include the Xoom in their ever growing list of devices to support. I’m sure Honeycomb could have the DRM required added. Or heck, just use Flash (or does it use Silverlight?) to watch Netflix from the browser…

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