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Motorola Gives Atrix Users A Way To Go Back To Official Software

Motorola is giving Atrix users a way to update their Atrix to the official version even if the have loaded unofficial software.

Of course, as with any update there are some requirements involved. For Atrix Owners who have loaded unofficial software on their phone, you need to be on system version 4.1.26, 4.1.51 or 4.1.52 to install the latest official software. Unfortunately, if you are not on one of these versions the update will more than likely not work.

From what we have gathered the update will take approximately 35 minutes, you will need 2.8 MB of space on your computer to store the update, and you will need to have your phone of course.

This is a big step that Motorola has taken to help get certain users back onto official software. If you are an Atrix owner who meets the minimum requirements than you can head over to the Motorola site here and get back on official software.

Let us know how it goes!


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  1. the reason they are doing this is because some phones came with 4.1.51/52 preinstalled. There is no 4.1.51 sbf lying around , so this was motorola’s fault and they needed a way for people to go to 4.1.57 without using the more complex sbf/rsd lite installation method. But, users that want root cannot update through the new motorola method since they will not retain root. Again, sbf is the way to go

  2. Anyone have a link to the release notes for this update? What does the ‘official’ update deliver?

    I pulled down the 4.1.57 OTA update and suffered – had to have my phone replaced – luckily, I was within the 30 day window. I am now gun-shy.


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