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Looking For A Job In Android? Join Cellular Sales

Cellular Sales is the largest independent dealer for Verizon Wireless in the country.  They also have a genius name and logo combo, and their stores are always up to, if not passing the rigorous standards that Verizon Wireless puts forth for their own corporate stores.

Cellular Sales has store locations in the south, midwest and mid-atlantic parts of the United States.  In addition to selling the latest in Verizon Wireless products, especially Android, Cellular Sales employees enjoy flexible hours, the highest commissions in the industry, and more.

For more information click here it may just be that career break you’ve been looking for.

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  1. Cellular Sells is a joke. I my area anyway. When I was in that industry working for a competing company we constantly received customers pissed off at the level of service they received from from them. And last I checked they paid strait commission, no sales = no paycheck. Proceed with caution, just saying.

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