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Kind Of Sort Of Truly Unlimited Available To T-Mobile Even More & Even More Plus Customers This Week

T-Mobile is releasing some new “unlimited” plans for their even more and even more customers this week.  A couple of months ago T-Mobile had stopped pushing even more plans online and made them only available via retail channels and telesales.  Now it seems they are breathing new life into the plans with kind of sort of “unlimited”

If you are an “Even More” customer (not even more plus) you can take advantage of what T-Mobile is calling “Truly Unlimited Voice, Text and Data” for just $79.99. This is competitively priced with Sprint’s unlimited plans.  But wait there’s more…

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If you are an “Even More Plus” customer you can get the same “Truly” (kind of sort of) unlimited plan for $59.99.

Both plans go on sale starting Wednesday but here is the “even more part” or should we say “even less”.  T-Mobile’s unlimited data is truly unlimited however after you’ve gone over 2gb it slows down dramatically. We’ve actually experienced this here at the TDG offices how does less than 200k sound?

Are you going to get a kind of sort of “Truly Unlimited” plan from T-Mobile?

Tell us below…

source: Tmonews


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  1. Yup same for me. I’m on simple mobile oon my g2 vision and the first week I had the phone I rooted and tethered for the ps3/black ops baby !O! Score one for the big boys! And the next day I got that text saying I was in violation of terms and condition. And now I’m throttled. But they said on my next bill cycle it will refresh itself. Will it really?

  2. man they have me like that on simple mobile same thing and it blows. im throttled now. makes my phone feel like crap

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