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HTC Flyer Will Get Honeycomb But To An Average Consumer Does It Matter?

When we were in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress the HTC Flyer is one of the tablets that really caught our eye.  It wasn’t as big a hit in the eyes of some of our colleagues. Most of the other tech sites either didn’t like the 7″ form factor, didn’t like the stylus dubbed “Scribe”, and didn’t like that it didn’t have Honeycomb.

If you remember back to when we were live blogging from the HTC event in Barcelona HTC spent a lot of time talking about how Sense was rebuilt, and not just “tweaked” from the ground up.  This offers an entirely new experience. Rather than your typical top shelf HTC phone featuring a phone version of Android, where you can elect to turn sense off, it’s always on.

So basically unless you are into rooting and modding devices, the average consumer is going to see just about as much Android as an unrooted Nook owner, and really, they aren’t going to care.

So yes Engadget has reported that the fine folks at HTC have said via twitter that the HTC Flyer will be upgraded to Honeycomb when it is available, but really with the newest version of Sense, Sense for tablets, it doesn’t matter.


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  1. It definitely does matter. Having used the Galaxy Tab for some time now, I find it very frustrating that most of the apps are designed around a smaller screen (as you’d expect) and don’t scale well at all.

    Anyone developing for Honeycomb is developing for a Tablet, not a phone and should make far better use of the available screen real-estate. Having said that, I would much rather HTC release a stable version of 2.3, rather than jump to Honeycomb which appears to be a little while off being production-ready (judging by the tragic Xoom release).

  2. Yes it does matter because of Apps. Developers are developing tablet apps for Android 3.0 and consumers will wonder why they can’t get those apps for their Flyer prior to the 2.0 release. So the lack of a Honeycomb experience will not matter, but the lack of tablet-specific apps will.

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