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Google Considering Launching Google Music Without Warner On Board

The radio and record industry’s top trade magazine site, allaccess.com is reporting today that Google may be considering moving forward with Google music without Warner Brothers permission.  Currently Warner Brothers controls Warner Brothers, Elektra and Atlantic and are mulling a bid over the Capitol Records/Virgin labels.

According to Allaccess.com Google isn’t considering leaving WMG out all together, if reports from The Music Void are correct they may consider going forward without licensing.

Allaccess is reporting that Warner Music Executive Michael Nash would like to see Google charge users $30 per year to access the cloud.  Google recently purchased Canadian firm PushLife in hopes to help launch the new Google Music Service.  Amazon launched their music service on March 31st without the blessing of the entire music industry, and all the labels on board.

Google is hoping that they can offer the first 500 tracks per user of storage free of charge in their cloud based music service.

source: Allaccess.com (requires free industry based registration)


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  1. $30/yr! WOW! – Am wondering however if it has to be on an android device, or can I put it on say, my PC or my Zune as well? Would it replace my Zune Pass?

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