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Big Red & AT&T At It Again, Blocking Tethering Apps

Looks like Verizon and AT&T are at it again and this time the are blocking tethering applications in the Android Market. Of course what big major companies like you using applications for free tethering when they can charge you an arm and a leg instead for the service.

Tethering applications like PDANet let you use your device as an internet connetion for your PC, Laptop, and Netbooks whether you are rooted or not. Of course there are apps that require root to be able to tether. However, Thanks to Big Red and AT&T you will no longer see these applications in the market if you go search for them. Why you may ask? Because they lose out.

While Android is supposed to be open source and give users complete freedom many carriers and manufactures alike are taking steps to lock us out of the devices that we purchase with our hard earned money along with the apps that can be used on the devices. There reasoning for it being the same across a the board just because the consumer pays for it doesn’t mean we can use it the way we want to.

However, Verizon and AT&T can’t stop us from side loading the .apks yet. But the question still remains if we pay for the service why not be able to use it how we wish?

The future remains uncertain regarding these types of applications in the market. Do carriers and manufactures have the right to say what we can and can’t do? Let us know your thoughts we would love to hear them.




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  1. I don’t know how they can even claim that it’s the “abusers” that they’re trying to block. What happens if the “abusers” pay the bill for the service? Are they still “abusers” if they’re lining AT&T/Verizon’s pockets?

    What this is really all about is the carrier wanting to charge twice for the same service. If I’m paying for their service, how I use that connection shouldn’t matter to them (as long as it’s not illegal). Technically, there’s zero difference between 20MB downloaded on the phone, and 20MB downloaded on a computer using the phone’s connection.

    I really want to hear a good reason for them charging extra for that service. So far I haven’t heard one.

  2. If we pay for the service, then we should be able to use it as we wish. Big Red and at&t state that it’s being done in order to stop the small number of abusers… yep, I believe that (sic). Both companies have the means to throttle and charge users who cross over theirs caps. If it’s just these small number of abusers, then charge them for the overage. Nope… as noted in the article, the real issue is their loss of revenue from being able to charge us extra. Heck, I have a G2x with a data plan. Why can’t share this plan with a tablet? Why must they charge me extra even though I will not (cannot) use both at the same time? If I downloaded to much data, then charge me for it (250 GB cap at at&t I believe). Because they make more $$$ by charging me double!

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