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AT&T Increasing Prices On Some Of Their Contracts

According to the leaked document above, it seems that AT&T wants to lock you in on a two year contract. Beginning April 3rd, AT&T will be raising their prices on their 1 year plans. QMP/Feature phones will be raised $10, while smartphones will be $150 more, iPhones excluded of course. They will also be raising prices on their non-commitment plans, with QMP/Feature phones increasing by $50 and smartphones $150. Of course, once again, the iPhone is excluded from this price change.

Now even though the iPhone is not included in the price changes for 1 year and non-commitment plans, they will be having their own price jump. The iPhone’s Early Upgrade pricing will be increasing by $50, however, there has been no mention of increasing other devices Early Upgrade pricing.


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  1. lol of course ATT the burglars they are trying to jip people out of their money. thats why i will be a android user my whole life

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