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Verizon Wireless: Samsung Galaxy Tab $199 As Of Today

Technically the iPad 2 isn’t even out yet we have an hour to go and Verizon has already lowered the price on the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $199 on a two year contract.

At $199 the Galaxy Tab is in competition with the Nook Color (except for the data plan of course) and at that price it’s definitely worth a revisit if you’ve been thinking about it.

Even at $199 with the iPad 2 and the Motorola Xoom available it may be an uphill battle. Also Samsung has taken so long to get Froyo to the Galaxy S series of devices, and hasn’t said a word about the Samsung Fascinate getting Froyo and the Epic 4G Froyo update was stopped dead in it’s tracks.

What do you think, will you pick up a Samsug Galaxy Tab at $199?

Source: Droid Life


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  1. I bought the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab when it came out and I stil love it. I love even more no contract with it. Plus it’s so sleek. I love that it fits in the palm of my hand, unlike the iPad. And mine can run Flash, put that in your pipe iPad (even with the update cannot run Flash still!) This Tab works for me!

  2. I may sell my sprint Tab and rebuy it on Verizon… Bought the sprint one unsubsidized….

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