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Sprint Announces Drive First App

Driving while distracted has became a major problem and issue throughout our country, and many Government Agencies have been looking into ways to prevent this issue. Many states have laws in effective that can get you ticketed and fined for using your cellphone while driving. However, Sprint has came up with a new solution called Drive First developed by Location Labs.

Drive First is an application that basically puts your phone in lock down when driving is detected. It automatically sends incoming calls to voice mail, auto-replies to texts saying you are unavailable, and also prevents you from using many of the applications outside of navigation.  Overall, it sounds like a pretty nifty app to have on your phone or for parents that may be worried about their teen driver.

Sprint, is said to be charging $2 dollars per month when this feature becomes available sometime in the 3rd quarter. However, I am not sure how many people will be willing to pay an extra $2 dollars a month for an app that prevents the use of your phone while driving. Truthfully, I believe it would make more sense to provide the app for free that way more people are willing to give it a shot. It shouldn’t cost money to prevent accidents from distracted driving, especially with it being as big of a problem as it is.

I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this new application coming from Sprint and Location Labs. Leave your comments below.



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  1. This will be a great app for passengers and frequent carpoolers! “Hey can you pull over Steve, I need to call the office.” Seriously though, who would pay $2 extra PER MONTH for a big brother app? When I fist read the headline, I though maybe Sprint was going to offer a discount of $2 for people to put this on their phone. I could see some people using if that were the case, but pay more each month? Not going to happen. Maybe a few over protective parents will pay for this, but I’d rather let my child use the rules I lay down and their own common sense. What if there is an emergency and they need to talk and drive/ride at the same time? Am I missing something here? Let me know if I am overlooking some hidden value.

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