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Sony Ericsson To Release 9 Android Devices In North America, UK Xperia Play Gets A Release Date

Sony Ericsson hit us with a bunch of hotness today. First off Android Community is reporting that Sony Ericsson plans to dominate North America with 9 new handsets. This seems like a lofty goal but with all their announcements at both CES and MWC it’s definitely possible.

Android Community is also reporting that the Sony Xperia Play will be available by the end of the quarter. (Look on TDG for some other exiting Sony Xperia Play today) It’s also widely reported that the Sony Xperia Play will launch in the UK by March 31st.

We ran this story earlier while we were at MWC where Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg talked about the importance of dominating iin the United States and that the US didn’t like to get the rest of the world’s sloppy seconds which is why the first round of Xperia Android devices weren’t big hits in the US. In fact the two mini devices the Xperia X10 mini and mini pro skipped a US release all together.

Other than the Xperia Play we know that the Xperia Arc is on the way.

Source: Android Community

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