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Motorola WiFi Xoom Headed To Sam’s Club! for $539?

We debated for a few minutes on whether or not to end the headline with  the question mark often indicative of an unsubstantiated rumor. We decided against the question mark. Why? Because either Kellex and the crew are really in tight with a Sams Club nearby and a printer to make cardboard cutouts or this is the real deal.  That’s why there is an exclamation point after club and a question mark after $539.

The Mototola Xoom wifi only version is coming to Sam’s Club and soon. How soon? We aren’t sure. We can tell you this, it’s not Sam’s Club, or Costcos style to layout a display like the one above way too early. We’ll also tell you that the word on the street says the Wifi only Xoom is headed to the UK the first week of April.  We are barely into March but ok maybe we’ll give them that long but if I was a betting man I’d say March 11th.

And as you can see from this little error it’s coming with Android 2.0 Honeycomb

Source: Droid Life