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Koush Stands Up For Hacker Community

When it comes to the Android developer/hacker community Koush is just as familiar a name as Cyanogen.  We recently ran a story on Koush was one of the first to unlock the unlockable bootloader for the Motorola Xoom.  Koush’s name is tied into some of the best hack work in the Android world.

Koush was recently contacted by Sony to see if he had any interest in joining their team at SCEA however Koush told them flat out no because of the way Sony is dealing with fellow hacker George Holtz. Holtz is known for his hacks on Sony’s PlayStation platform and has stated publicly that his intentions were to undo any security Sony implements in his products.

While Sony obviously sees the value in having a “professional hacker” on board they rather hold Holtz down with lawsuits that will cost millions to defend, and than out of the other cheek invite Koush in for an itnterview.

Bravo Koush (now go buy him a beer)

Source: Phandroid and Droid Gamers


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  1. actually by definition “unlockable” is the adjective form of “unlock” meaning “able to be unlocked”. Koush was the first to put a custom recovery on the xoom. if i remember correctly .. the Xoom actually has a bootloader that is able to be relocked.

  2. Motorola xoom never had a locked bootloader.

    Besides that, how does one unlock something that is “unlockable?” By definition, “unlockable” means that it cannot be locked and is already unlocked.

  3. truer words were never spoken than “Koush’s name is tied to some of the best hack work in the Android world”

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