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It’s About Time Apple.. We’ve Had That Since October 08

One of the greatest things packed in the arsenal of any Android Enthusiast as they prepare to fight the Android vs iPhone war is this little thing we take for granted called Google Apps or G-Apps for short.

You see, Apple has been offering this product called Mobile Me for years which costs just $99. It integrates your email, calendar, contacts, picture account etc in one neat little package that keeps it synced to your computer and your Apple i-device. Sound familiar? Well Android users have had this sine October 2008 and the first version of Android on the first Android device the HTC/T-Mobile G1.

Android, through the use of your Google Account, syncs your Gmail, contacts, picassa web albums, browsing history, etc and it does it all for free. Google Apps even allows you to sync multiple Google apps accounts, multiple contact lists and multiple calendars on one or 9 Android phones, the possibilities are limitless and free. They always have been.

Apple is believed to be holding a press event next month to discuss the newest full version of iOS along with the new version of MobileMe which is supposed to become free with the next release of iOS.

Wow 2 and a half years later and they are finally catching up to G-Apps but since it’s Apple we are sure Steve Jobs will say it’s “Magical”

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  1. I forgot that it was called iTools first and the service was free if you owned a mac. I do hope it becomes free again because I did use iDisk a bit and enjoyed the mail and web space. I was pissed that they started charging for it back when they did.

  2. Wow… Really? Seriously?

    First, MobileMe was started as iTools / .Mac in January of 2000, and it was renamed .Mac in 2002. It has always offered many of these features, including WebDav space, Mail accounts, web server space, etc, etc, etc… While I agree Google has had this integrated for the HTC, but the iPhone has had it integrated since 2007, when the first version was released.

    Is it free? Is MobileMe / DotMac worth the $99 per year? That’s quite debatable. But MobileMe does have a free component or two… For example, the “Find My iPhone/iDevice” feature is available in a free version…

    Since the iOS 3, the iPhone has supported syncing with Google, for free (since 2009).

    So I am not sure what you are congratulating Apple on? If your trying to say congrats on moving MobileMe to a free model, your premature… It’s a rumor.

    If your saying congrats on syncing your contacts, well.. Your quite a few years out of date…

    – Benjamin Schollnick

  3. You must have forgotten that mobileme started of as .MAC and it was free for the longest time. Apple then got greedy and started charging for it. Apple needs to MAC it free again or at least a one time fee.I stopped my service about a year ago because it was stupid to pay $99 a year for something I could get for free.

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