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HTC Pyramid

The HTC Pyramid has been spotted in China, XDA.CN, not only do we have some sneek peeks at this device but also some interesting information about it.

According to XDA.CN, the HTC Pyramid is said to be running Android 3.0. Now before we get into more details regarding specs, let’s take a moment to digest the news of a possible Android phone running an OS directed towards tablets. There is no guarantee at the moment that it does run honeycomb, but it is an interesting rumor.

The HTC Pyramid is also said to have a qHD (960 x 540 pixels) S-LCD screen, which would make for the first HTC phone to display resolutions higher than WVGA. Other possible specs include dual cameras, 8 mp in back and 1.3 mp front camera, along with 768MB of RAM and a 1.2GHz processor.

We will keep you informed as we dig up more information on this interesting HTC Android phone.


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  1. A compensation is that the said device is going to be running Android 3.0. However, a bad side is that it lags behind the dual-core phone battle. If HTC can’t release phones that do have dual-core processors anytime soon, I believe that they’re not going to have a good 2011. After all, 2011 is the year of dual-core devices.

  2. Hehe.. I actually think I didn’t mean Vanilla, I think what I meant to say was if it had HSPA+ capability.

  3. I’m holding out for G2x, vanilla or not. I’m sure we can put vanilla on it. Yet to have a device slow down the Android Hackers =)

  4. I get what you mean everything else is fantastic on this phone but.. the primary factor to qualify it as the “it” device of high-end phones is if it’s dual-core then the rest of the specs are just sort of additional. I’m still hoping it’s dual-core, if not I might get the G2x if it’s Vanilla.

  5. After constantly reading about these new dual core phones like the Atrix, Galaxy S II and Optimus 2X, it’s hard to get excited about a phone like this, despite the great specs and awesome aesthetics.

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