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Elijah Hits A Speed Bump, New Teen Designed Distracted Driving Android App

Recently, I met with the founder of an app called SpeedBump, and app that promotes safe driving for young people. There are many apps already on the market that do some things that involve promoting safe teen driving. Whether it’s blocking texting or reporting the speed of the car, none of these apps have come close to what SpeedBump is doing.

What makes SpeedBump different is it’s ability to tell what road you’re on, and allow the parents to set speed limits for that specific road. Parents can log onto the web portal and set different speed limits for local roads, highways, and other types of roads. The app doesn’t give an exact location for the teen UNLESS they break the speeding limit that was set for that road. When they do this the parent can log on and check where, when, and how their child broke the rule,  and keep track of everything. The app uses GPS so there is also a map telling where the child is and what they did.

The fact that the app gives the teen privacy until they brake the rule gives an incentive for the teen or young person to drive safely. The app is free but isn’t in the market, but when you sign up on the web site it texts you a link to the app. There is a $9.99 a month subscription, but an app that keeps your teen safe is definitely worth it in my book. Check out the video below for a brief overview of everything.


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  1. Is not worth 10/month subscription. Waiting for similar service for reasonable price. My kids are not driving yet, so I’ve got some time…

  2. No, 10/month is insulting. Exploitative even. I’ll wait to see an app developer who isn’t quite so greedy takes on this task. And one will.

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