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Copter Films Posts Behind The Scenes Look At HTC Thunderbolt Commercial

In case you are a glutton for pain and punishment you may want to check this out. Heck this may go down in history as the commercial for the phone that never made it.

Commercial film company Copterfilms has posted a behind the scenes look at the making of the HTC Thunderbolt helicopter commercial. You know the one, where the guy fastens an HTC Thunderbolt and then films a “Be Here at 8” for his girlfriend? If you don’t know the commercial it’s at the end of the short clip.

Perhaps when the Thunderbolt battery died during the short helicopter ride is when they realized there may be a problem.

And for the record the HTC Thunderbolt is NOT coming out tomorrow

Source: Youtube thanks @banderberg

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  1. the helicopter was more impressive than the phone that will never see the light of day i cant believe that htc is behind the delay Verizon needs to get there shit together with the lte. Im waiting to spend my hard earned scratch

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