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AT&T Wireless Customers Disgruntled Over 4G Speeds Take To Interwebs

Side By Side Speed comparison by Zack Nebbaki who started a petition on behalf of AT&T Wireless 4G users

If you head over to online petition site Groubal, you’ll find this petition by Zack Nebbaki, who has already found over 450 people who are equally as frustrated with their carrier, AT&T Wireless.

The root in Zack’s frustration, and one we thought was going to eventually come up, Zack is experiencing speeds 4 to 10 times faster with an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s 3G network than his Motorola Atrix which is a 4G device. Other users of both the Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G can be found across the net saying that they just aren’t getting the speeds they thought they would.

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AT&T announced a 2 phase 4G rollout at the AT&T Developers Summit in January in Las Vegas. As part of that strategy AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph De La Vega said that they would continue to roll out HSPA+ throughout the country and than build LTE on that backbone.  What astonished us most was that De La Vega had suggested that AT&T wireless had already lit up most of the country with HSPA+ and even said their HSPA+ footprint was larger than that of rival T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s current advertising campaign touts that they have the largest 4G (HSPA+) network in the country.

As most are aware we travel in the major US cities all the time and have never noticed a substantial difference in the speeds of AT&T’s network. However when T-Mobile started switching on HSPA+ towers, and even testing in New York City which is notorious for wireless connection problems, there was a HUGE difference.

The foundation of Nebbaki’s petition and argument isn’t just in the unsatisfactory speeds, but the fact that the iPhone 4 is capable of getting HSUPA speeds when AT&T’s two 4G phones aren’t. Nebbaki lives in Allentown PA which is allegedly a 4G market.

We pinged AT&T early Friday and have not received a response. If you’d like to sign the petition here is a link

Source: Groubal


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  1. What did they mean by “product development,” did they elaborate how that is anywhere even close to rational?

  2. fuck att im sick of the biggest company taking us for a ride we pay for good service now give us what we pay for

  3. Tech support told me that it was product development. What a way to say,we don’t have an answer,and you’re screwed!

  4. AT&T is completely ignoring this issue. They simply will not comment on it in any fashion through any of the channels their customers have. Even calling Customer Care they ignore the issue and try to tell you that the issue is something- anything- else. This is not something limited to the interwebs though, we have tried calling and chatting with customer care to no avail. I have even had the customer care chat option (when logged into MyAccount) time out because once my HSUPA and speed questions were asked and clarified the rep would not say anything for about 70 minutes… AT&T has seriously bubbled this, from removing the HSUPA function listing from their spec page (there are cached images of how it appeared up until last week, and which Motorola has confirmed to multiple people that the phone does include the capability for 5.76 Mbps HSUPA), to ignoring the legitimate queries of its their customers, and now ignoring the press and blogosphere.

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