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Wifi Only Motorola Xoom Crosses FCC Desk?

The folks over at Wireless Goodness discovered that not one but two different models of the highly anticipated and highly priced Motorola Xoom went through the FCC this week.

Monday the first Motorola tablet with the identifier IHDP56LU1 went through the FCC.  The device had a tablet form factor, non removable battery and was approved for CDMA/EVDO 800 and 1900 bands.

Today another tablet device from Motorola with the identifier IHDT56MT1 made it’s rounds through the FCC with embedded WLAN and no mention of CDMA/EVDO or other cellular radios for that matter.

  • After Motorola Mobility made a big splash with their 1984 esque ad for the Motorola Xoom tablet and then a subsequent shot of a Best Buy ad showed up with a $799 price tag many people have backed off their intentions of purchasing the new Motorola Xoom. The Xoom is an amazing tablet but it’s priced higher than the highest 3G iPad.  A lot of people were hoping that a non 3G version of the Motorola Xoom would be available at a lower price.  The price is going to need to be below $499 or even $399 to remain a competitive contender against the iPad and other Android tablets.

Source: Wireless Goodness via Droid Life


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    I know you want clicks, everybody does, but have you noticed that none of the other tech blogs repeatedly tweet the same stories? There’s a reason for that. It’s because it pisses everybody off.

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