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Sprint: Find Out February 24th What The Next New Sprint Phone Will Be

While we were at MWC we were desperately searching for Sprint news. They were suspiciously absent of any big announcement at CES and then after their Kyocera Echo launch we thought for sure they may have some MWC goodness up their sleeves. We did learn a lot from their network side of the business but no device news.

Now we are looking forward to CTIA in March.  Sprint had a pretty big event at the CTIA fall conference in San Francisco where Dan Hesse and partners uveiled the SprintID concept which has taken off with mixed reviews.  That was also the launchpad for the Kyocera/Sanyo Zio, The Samsung Transform and The LG Optimus S. The Optimus S has by far proven to be the most popular phone out of the three.

The official sprint twitter account tweeted the message above this morning with a hash tag #comebackfeb24.  This Thursday is gearing up to be a big day. The Motorola Xoom is set to release. It was also supposed to be the launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt but that seems to be up in the air. The Motorola Atrix is now on preorder with no clear date as well.

As for Sprint, they do have a Windows Phone 7 device the “HTC 7 Pro” waiting in the wings. The HTC 7 Pro was announced back in October of 2010.  Of course the Kyocera Echo has been announced and shown off, this could be the news as well. Perhaps they have something totally different up their sleeves, maybe a Blackberry 4G?

Source: Twitter and Slashgear


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  1. Oh boy. A blackberry 4G. Whoah. C’mon Kyle. If they show up with a Windows phone (kudos to the windows folks) and a 4G phone, and that abomination dual-screen by Kyocera (Echo) while everyone else is loaded up for the Apocalypse, Sprint will be the #ultimatefail.

    Didn’t they announce the EVO at CTIA last year? What about a tablet besides the Playbook (a nice tablet, to be sure, but how about one with Android on it or gasp – webOS?). Dual-core processors would be nice. They really missed the mark this year so far in feature-rich phones/devices.

    An update to their pricing plans (allowing data to be shared between phones/tablets) would take the market by storm. That was rumored to have been announced at the MWC. How about an announced timeframe from Sprint about when we can expect LTE to be active?

    Just some ideas out there. Now, if a circus clown appears on stage with Dan Hesse at CTIA? All bets are off.

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