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Motorola Xoom Pricing Rumor Days Are Over

We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about the Motorola Xoom and it’s pricing plans.  The latest before hearing the official word was that the Motorola Xoom would be on sale at Best Buy for $1200, we skipped that story as it was outlandish.

Today Motorola has revealed the actual pricing. The 32gb 3G model will be $800. The 3G model is upgradeable to 4G/LTE later in the year by sending it into Verizon. There will be a wifi only version available for $600 later in the year as well.

Motorola did reveal that this was subsidized pricing for the 3G model. No plans have been announced but perhaps Verizon had a contract plan available that would knock another $200-$400 off the price of the 3G Xoom.

UPDATE: We heard from Motorola that the wi-fi tablet should hit US soil in the next 2-3 months.

Source: Reuters via Laptopmemo

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