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Motorola Xoom Ad Hits Youtube!

Motorola has uploaded an ad for their Motorola Xoom tablet which releases this Thursday on Verizon Wireless. The new Xoom ad features a very Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X feel to it.  What do you think? Are you picking up a Motorola Xoom on Thursday?


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  1. however 800$ to get in batman pants (view the ad) is a little bit cheap, therefore xoom won’t be that different of the other tablets.

  2. first off, the xoom isn’t for anyone (ad: he was the only one seeing or feeling it’s presence nearby in a public place). xoom will let u change your world (ad; batman-like scenario) … well in my opinion it’s all about the software, android hardware look all the same; the companies bring 1 or 2 special features, but there’s no innovation in the idea. it’s all about android !

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