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Is the Kyocera Echo Sprint’s Big Announcement?

Sprint's Dan Hesse on stage at CTIA: File Photo: Thedroidguy.com/Thedroidguy LLC

Someone pinch me it seems the Huffington Post has been acquired by AOL and Sprint’s big announcement is the Kyocera Echo.

Mobile, tech and Android media along with industry analysts were invited to an invite only event in New York City Monday evening. We will be n hand as CEO Dan Hesse and master illusionist and world record holder David Blaine present Sprint in another Industry first.  We are very excited about this “Industry first” because until just a few hours ago Sprint had done a really good job of keeping the best kept secret in mobile so far.

Typically when we get one of these invitations we know exactly what the device is going to be or we have at least a good idea.  With this Sprint event everyone was speculating from the LG 3D phone, to an HTC tablet, to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G for Sprint. Anyone of these could, we guess, be considered an Industry first.

Tonight, Bloomberg is reporting that the Industry first is the announcement of the Kyocera Echo Android device. They have received this information from an anonymous source familiar with the companies plans.

As we said above David Blaine and Dan Hesse are involved in this product launch which according to the invitation the two of them will show you that the “impossible is possible”. Not much has been leaked on the internet about the capabilities of the Kyocera Echo, perhaps it’s 3D and will hit the market before the LG 3D Android device does. Perhaps Bloomberg has it wrong?

We’ll know later tonight.

Source: Bloomberg & Sprint


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  1. Haha I love Straight Talk. You just cannot beat the deal that you get. $45 a month is awesome for an unlimited plan. They even have some nice new phones such as the E71 by Nokia which is a smart phone!

  2. I hope not I will put my foot on a hinge and kick Sprint up the ass. SVDO is what the need and 4G in Milwaukee.

  3. To go from low-end phones to this being their big announcement phone? Maybe this phone is pretty revolutionary? Either way, I don’t think this is their big announcement. I’m thinking Palm tablet.

  4. This really sucks…. this is the big announcement ?????? REALLY ????? are you sure it isn’t the IPHONE ??? Gah, this is really stupid. I’m glad i wasn’t invited to this stupid industry first announcement. Well hello I am leaving sprint. Either Verizon Iphone OR gonna get Iphone on Straight Talk for $45/month unlimited everything and no contract.

    With the $10 extra fee from Sprint for all smart phones that went into effect last week. It is cheaper to buy 3 $45 Straight Talk plans with truly Unlimited Everything instead of staying on Sprints Everything Family Data Plan. Anymobile Anytime, Anytime Change Yo Bill When we feel like it !!

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