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iPhone Getting A New Unlock Screen? Look Familiar?

Popular iPhone website 9to5mac is reporting that Apple is working on a new gesture based lock screen for iPhones.

The lock feature requires users to set a dots pattern and get that pattern correct to unlock the phone or app. Apple has reportedly already released the lock screen to their internal “Apple Connect” application for IOS. They are also reportedly deploying it for internal retail employees and in their new mobile payment system business.

There is no official word if this lock screen will make it to consumer level iPhones or if it’s slated for the iPhone 5. 9to5mac speculates that Google probably has the gesture based lock screen locked down with patents however we’ll have to see what the future brings.

More including more screen shots after the break

When Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, spoke at the Engadget Show in January he said that Android has “…a lot of great features that we don’t have…”

Android was first with true multi-tasking, wifi printing, front facing cameras, 3g video conferencing and many other features. It’s a shame they copied such a small part like the gesture based lock screen.


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  1. DERP, it was from Cydia, and it was called “AndroidLock”, and Android was technically around before iOS was anyway.

  2. Hopefully Apple-heads out there will realize that Apple is now playing catch-up. Something tells me that won’t happen. Might have to do with Apple-heads being so fanatical towards the Apple brand. Oh well.

  3. Android was the first with true multi-tasking, wifi printing, front facing cameras, 3g vide conferencing…. please do your research before writing garbage like this. Nokia had most of these features years before Google even thought about releasing a Mobile OS

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