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Intel CEO To Nokia: I Would Have Gone Android

One of the most influential in the tech community is Intel CEO Paul Otellini.  Otellini and Intel were left out in the cold by Nokia with their decision to switch smartphone platforms to Windows Phone 7.  Intel was partners with Nokia in the Meego platform which was created when Maemo and Moblin merged. Intel will be forced to either develop Meego on their own or give up the project all together.

Although Otellini knew a switch for Nokia’s failing smartphone unit was inevitable he was very vocal in saying that he feels Nokia made the wrong situation.  According to Otellini Nokia’s decision to go with Microsoft was only driven by dollar signs. It’s been reported the deal was work billions. Otellini said Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Elop, received “incredible offers…money” to go with the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Source: Mr. Android at Fortune Magazine, Seth Weintraub


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  1. But if the OS becomes successful, other manufacturers will jump on board with greater efforts than at present, leaving Nokia competing in the same way that Android manufacturers compete at the moment.

    But actual success of WP is unlikely; Windows Phone does not have features that Windows Mobile, Android, MeeGo and Symbian always had taken for granted, such as a real file manager and multitasking.

  2. Stephen Elop has been likely the biggest Trojan Horse industry history ever witnessed.
    -1st, Elop was a Microsoft man before getting into Nokia.
    -2nd, Microsoft needed a penetration to its Windows Phone 7 OS, Nokia had it ready on low end devices (lost horribly against Android and iPhone smartphone share as no one can deny),
    -3rd, Android derivates from LINUX, created by a Finnish visionary, Nokia WAS a Finnish firm, nowadays still enjoys massive “special” benefits from Finnish tax payers even if the firm majority shareholders are NOT Finns at all but foreign investors with grounds to profit from Finnish government corrupts and the honesty of Finnish citizens that have no clue of the circus on their nice Euro taxes driven to a private firm.
    -4th, Jorma Ollila, former Finnish boss, SOLD its Nokia shares just before Elop showed up: Nokia shares came from 64 euros in 2003 catastrophic down to 6.4 euros value in 2011.
    So, in the best scenario, Microsoft took over Nokia without buying it, and Elop was the man to the trick. BUT WAIT A MINUTE: If Elop will be smart this much, and the whole Microsoft move was really smart, we will surely have a smart phone firm… stil not this smart as the cool iPhone or genial Android.
    MY BET: Someone shot its own foot here.

  3. I can see why Nokia went for WP7. It has to do brand awareness. You have other manufacturers such as LG and HTC that are on the Android platform having to skin them to get make their product stand out from the crowd. By choosing WP7, Nokia have put into the buyers mindset that if it’s Nokia it will be WP7. It’s a “certain” in the same way with Apple, you know that it will be iOS and what that offers.

    Intel and Meego had been flapping around that they weren’t a viable option. Symbian wasn’t up to the job. Nokia had to stem the blood loss now. Paul Otellini can say what he likes about it. It sounds like sour grapes to me. It’s business. iOS and Android are storming ahead and Nokia couldn’t wait, otherwise they wouldn’t be a player in the smartphone market anymore.

    Nokia has always been a hardware company with software bolted on. Now Microsoft are doing the software, Nokia can do what they do best plus if there is no need to skin the software the feature set should be more dynamic and not fragmented ala Windows Mobile.

  4. “[…]he feels Nokia made the wrong _situation_”
    Don’t you mean “decision”?

    “According to Otellini Nokia’s[…]”
    There really should be a comma after “Otellini”.

    “[…] the deal was _work_ billions.”

    Gettin’ sloppy, TDG, gettin’ sloppy.

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