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Girl Scout Mobile Cookie Finder Now Available In The Android Market

Last week we reported that Intuit had made it possible to pay for Girl Scout cookies with a credit card using a mobile app available on Android.  This week we’re glad to report that there is a Girl Scout Cookie mobile cookie finder app being tested in Northern Illinois and available for Android users in certain areas (see below)

Have you driven past the normal spots and for some reason you can’t find the Girl Scouts selling cookies? Well with the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app you can find where the Girl Scouts are camped out selling Samoas, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos and your other favorite cookies.  Don’t get them from the flea market for $1.00 mark up ($3.50) get them from Girl Scouts for $2.50

You can find the Girl Scout Cookie Locator app in the Android market or you can send a text message to quick code **GSCookies (**472665437).  Once you install the locator app you can either enter your zipcode or let it use the GPS to find the Girl Scout Cookie stand nearest you. The app also includes the nutritional information for all the varieties of Girl Scout cookies and a quiz to tell you what cookies you’d like based on personality questions.

The Girl Scout Cookie Locator works in these cities:
Atlanta, Colorado, Dallas, Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Northern California, Northern Illinois, Northern New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Central Florida, Oregon & Southwest Washington, San Diego, Southwest Texas and Washington, D.C.

Source: bataviapatch

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