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WOW! Wall Street Journal Gets It Wrong: iPhone Not Getting Special Unlimited Treatment It’s Already There

The Wall Street Journal ran this piece this morning citing Lowell McAdam’s who said that Verizon has a $30 unlimited data plan.  Which is correct they currently offer a $29.99 unlimited data plan that will still be available to Verizon customers who purchase an iPhone 4 next month.

McAdams also eluded to the fact that the $29.99 plan would go away soon and Verizon would follow more structured tiered data plan pricing similar to that of AT&T. As Verizon phases out new every 2 and some of their lower tiered data plans (like the 150mb plan) it looks like the $29.99 plan will stay on board while Verizon ramps up the iPhone.

This morning after reading the Wall Street Journal piece we checked in with Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney. We wanted to see if iPhone 4 customers were getting special treatment, or if when they “alleged” plan came out with the iPhone if Android customers could take advantage of it.  Raney clarified the journal piece by saying “The $29.99 unlimited smartphone is the same plan we have today with all of our smartphones”


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  1. Where did the WSJ say this data plan was “special”? This headline is complete BS, and you’re just trying to generate hits to your site.

    The bigger story is that Verizon is eventually ending their unlimited data plan, which sucks for users.

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