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WARNING: Emergency Call Button Broken On Samsung Fascinate DL09 Update

Androidcentral is reporting today via their forums that if you took the recent DL09 official Samsung Fascinate update pushed by Verizon this week there is a serious flaw in the emergency call button on the lock pattern.

The Androidcentral.com team was able to reproduce the exact same bug in house. Typically when you have an unlock pattern set and hit the emergency dial button the button dials 911 for you, not in the new update. The button does NOTHING and the dialer isn’t visible until the correct unlock pattern is entered.

Androidcentral has reached out to both Samsung and Verizon as this is a pretty serious safety concern.

Source: Androidcentral.com


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  1. The phone has NO security feature anymore. All a user has to do to bypass the password screen is to hit the emergency button, then hit the back button on the phone. They will bypass the password screen and will be able to access the phone. This is ridiculous! This is for the most recent update too.

  2. I was able to duplicate this problem and found that to fix it, all I had to do was reboot the phone. Set your code & reboot and you should be good.

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