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Verizon Tuesday Announcement, Perhaps The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong.

Let’s start off by saying we have put together some reliable information and feel that Tuesday’s Verizon Wireless announcement in New York is NOT the iPhone but rather Verizon’s Windows Phone 7 device.

The Wall Street Journal reports that they’ve confirmed by persons close to the matter that the iPhone announcement is this Tuesday in New York and we feel that it’s not.  We could be very wrong but here are our reasons.

– First off there were 6000 members of the media and bloggers at CES 2011 in Las Vegas which ended Sunday.  Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg even did the opening keynote at CES.  An announcement of that magnitude deserved a huge press audience.  If Verizon really waited until 2 days after CES to make this announcement there are members of both the mainstream media and the top tier technology journalists that will be a little more than displeased about yet another cross country trip.

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– Steve Jobs likes to control his announcements and he only announces new products on the west coast. Typically at Infinite Loop and if not at Infinite Loop at Appple’s WWDC event. Jobs has his audience and can steal the show.

– Traditionally iPhones have come out in the late spring at WWDC (see above) Apple has actually done a good job in not canabilizing the iPhone.  Convesely we could assume that the iPhone on Verizon would come out in January to let AT&T still have the WWDC thunder.

– We know that Verizon is working on a Windows Phone 7 roll out.  Although not nearly as glamorous as the iPhone coming out on Verizon it’s still a new product on Verizon.

– Verizon spent millions of dollars on their CES booth. They were the only US carrier with a large walk in booth with great lighting, 100s of demo staffers, new shirts and presentations almost hourly on their stage.  How could you not take advantage of that audience and those marketing dollars for an announcement like the iPhone.

– Verizon is adding a ton of markets to their 4G LTE network, in fact they plan on adding 140 new markets by the end of the year. They could be waiting for the country to be built out a little more if their iPhone is 4G/LTE compatible

On the flipside again we heard a rumor at a couple of CES parties that Gizmodo wasn’t invited to this event so it’s possible that it’s because its an iPhone launch. However if you’ve seen Gizmodo lately it’s pretty clear that they’ve made up with Steve Jobs.

Again no guarantee but don’t be surprised if it’s Windows Phone 7 and not the iPhone. We are 100% confident that the iPhone is coming to Verizon we just don’t think it’s Tuesday. Again, we could be wrong.

Source: TMFDG


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  1. As far as I am concerned… anyone that REALLY had to have an iphone -would have.. That is why Android is so big.. personally I hate all Apple products and Steve Jobs…

  2. I really think Apple would have made it clear that tomorrow’s press conference is not iPhone related days ago. I think knowing the massive amount of interest for their phone to be on the Verizon network there would be iRioting in the streets.

    So they would have debunked this rumor already if it was an announcement for anything else, I think.

  3. I feel like the announcement being wp7 is a bit of a reach. You have more than enough evidence, circumstantial or not, to make a pretty conclusive deduction that what we’ll see tomorrow is none other than the Iphone. You don’t need to be a detective to see the connections.

  4. Without a doubt, it would be a huge publicity event if it weren’t the iPhone. But as far as I know, Microsoft has stated that they aren’t finished with the update to allow WP7 to work on a CDMA network.

    See this article, published today: http://www.mobileburn.com/news.jsp?Id=12432

    That stated by June 30 on Verizon and Sprint.

    I just don’t see how it could even be remotely possible that tomorrow’s announcement is WP7 on Verizon. The worst part is, really, even suggesting it considering absolutely no proof whatsoever, really discredits this site.

  5. It would be brilliant for Microsoft to ride on the iPhone buzz and actually get their product on Verizon before Apple. The reality, however, is that Microsoft does not have the marketing saavy to generate this kind of buzz for anything.

    They couldn’t even give details about a long awaited update to the phone OS. And the best they could give for CDMA was H1 2011. That’s not even Q1.

  6. If, and that’s a BIG if, the announcement is a WP7 phone, my guess is that they wanted CES to be focused on their current big push and that’s LTE (4G). There aren’t any 4G WP7 phones in the pipeline as far as I’m aware, so that would explain why WP7 wasn’t announced there if tomorrow’s announcement is WP7.

    But it isn’t, so it doesn’t matter. At least all REAL evidence points to it being an iPhone announcement.

  7. I am a big fan of WP7 and would love nothing more than Verizon to be announcing their WP7. Why wouldn’t they announce it during CES? That logic makes no sense.

  8. You didn’t offer any proof that it is a WP7 announcement, only opinions on why it won’t be the iPhone. Not convinced in the slightest.

    Also, Apple would NOT allow the iPhone to be announced at CES because to many other things might take attention away from that announcement. Yet, they wouldn’t have an issue with allowing Verizon to have their own presser because what is going to be announced tomorrow is NOT a new product. It is the iPhone 4 with a CDMA chip inside. Nothing new, just slightly modified.

    Also, make note that Verizon’s Twitter page is being posted from Twitter for iPhone: http://jmw.me/eqZnaw

    And that was on Friday, the day the invitation went out. All things point to iPhone.

  9. There wasn’t a big west coast shebang for the iPad coming to Verizon either. I’m hoping this big announcement is free 4G (I can dream right). However, my biggest thing is that every blogger in the world has a source “in the know” about what the VZW announcement is, and they all say different shit.

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