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Try Privacy Star Free, Review Them And Win A Sony Cybershot Digital Camera

If you haven’t heard of Privacy Star it is definitely worth a look!  Privacy Star is a third party Caller ID app that has some features people used to only dream of.

Most called ID programs have the ability to block a number or a person.  Android even allows you to send a contact straight to voicemai. But imagine waking up tomorrow morning and deciding you don’t want to take any calls from Brooklyn New York. With Privacy Star you can block entire area codes.  Sure you may miss that actual call if you know someone in that area code but did you know that most telemarketing centers use multiple point dialing so you can get that call from multiple numbers in the same block of numbers, and within the same area code– simply genius.

Privacy Star also offers “Smart Block” which is their own community “crowdsourced” Do Not Call list.  Have you ever gotten a strange call from an 800 number or some area code that you didn’t know and looked it up on Google just to see hundreds of entries about some annoying trip to orlando that you just won, or worse a pitch trying to trick you into buying some magaines?  Well Privacy Star’s “Smart Block” service keeps an aggregated list from all the Privacy Star users and makes it’s own block list.

We’ve seen this before but we love this feature: Do Not Disturb with text.  Privacy Star has a feature that will send all non-blocked callers to Voicemail and then automatically send a text message to that number to tell the caller you’re busy, like “Sorry I didn’t take your call I’m at the game”.

Privacy Star also has a customizable web portal that will retain your settings, stored lists, and other feautres from one device to another and multiple devices.

With all of these great features Privacy Star is a steal at $2.99 per month however right now they are currently offering a free 30 day trial. Also they are looking for some reviews, good, bad or indifferent. If you leave them a review in the Android market send them an email also at contest@privacystar.com and let them know. Everyone who gives a review between now and January 31st will be in the running for a drawing for a Sony Cybershot 14.1 Megapixel Camera (w370 Chrome)

Source: Privacy Star

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