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Taser Android Lockdown: If You Need To Spend $250 On This Take The Kids Car Away

We’re not so sure how we feel about this first thing it’s really expensive for anything related to Android that doesn’t auto start the car or print money however “Taser” has produced a system called the “Taser Protector” that completely locks down your phone except for emergency calls and some settable numbers that you can store as emergency contacts, perhaps mom and dad, home etc.

Across the pond in the UK it is illegal already to use the phone at all while in motion in a vehicle.  Earlier this year Brent F reported on our own Department of Transportation considering similar laws.  We tend to not agree with such a blanket law, but that’s another story another day.

As for the Taser system, if you want to lock down your child’s phone you’ll get a hardwired dongle that transmits a signal to the phone which will not allow you to use it within 30 feet.  So basically at the entrance to the movie theater, while parked at school, heck in some cases probably in the house.. but heck who’s counting.  If you need that much control over your child’s phone than perhaps the child needs one less thing be it the car or the phone.

One of the good features is that it will track your car if it’s lost or stolen.  Other features include tracking speed, location and if the program and device have been tampered with.

Here’s the kicker boys and girls the device is $249.99 with a $14.95 subscription rate. Parents that rich should have their kids chauffered to school right?

Source: Pocketlint


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  1. According to an article in the March 2011 edition of Popular Science, the device only pairs with a phone and prevents texting or other hands-on use of the phone when the ignition is turned on, so the statement that it will disable the phone inside the house or parked at school or at the entrance to the movie theater is incorrect. Sure, one can say that this device should not take the place of responsible parenting, but teenagers (and adults) do not always do what they are supposed to do 100% of the time. That one, rare occasion to ignore the rules is all it takes. Personally, even though I routinely instruct my daughter to never text while driving and I am pretty sure that she doesn’t for the most part, I would feel better about having such a device installed in her car. It eliminates the temptations and ensures that the “I’ll only answer this one text real quick” moment that can be the instance in which a fatal accident occurs becomes unlikely.

  2. If a child is not mature enough to use good judgement or follow the rules regarding phone use —- make an executive decision as a parent — take the phone away! If not. . .you will need to enroll in college with them for they will be unable to function without you.

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