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Samsung Vibrant Froyo Is Here But Tmobile Half Asses The Update Mac Not Included

Yesterday T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman made a bold statement after coming under intense fire from Samsung Vibrant owners who have been looking for an official Froyo update since September.

The update arrived today REJOICE! via mini-kies software available free for PC users.  Kies is a PC sync tool that Samsung has been using overseas for quite sometime. The United States carriers don’t even offer anything to support the full version of it, and at this time it’s not available for Mac.

SHOCKER: there are lots of Android owners out there that actually use Macs for their computers. However the good news is PC people can take the update.

On the flipside though in our opinion this is a half assed update for computer/tech savvy owners of the Samsung Vibrant, however there are millions of customers out there who aren’t tech savvy, who may have purchased a Samsung Vibrant at the Tmobile store by recommendation of the nice salesperson there, who still want and should be able to take advantage of the update.

Brodman didn’t specify the method of delivery for today’s update. We can’t hold him to an OTA promise but mini-kies, really?  If a Samsung Vibrant customer is tech savvy enough to do a mini-kies update install they could have flashed a Vibrant ROM a while back. Problem, still unsolved.

Source: Tmonews


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  1. really late response but why would the “techies” complain about a update. The real “techies” already had the phones rooted and had gingerbread on there phone, so why would they complain about getting an outdated software update that they would never use. and you dont have to be a “techie” to download a simple windows application that lets you get software update, if you really cant figure out how to get it working you shouldnt even turn the computer on.

  2. I have the Vibrant and a Mac user. Its embarrassing really. The shit we can do today-how technology has come so far but only to take a leap backwards seems so cheap to me. Is it written that a Mac owner cannot use an Android phone or vice versa?

  3. I installed froyo 2.2 and my power/lock key doesnt work. It was working before. Now they got to send me a new phone.

  4. People are always complaining atleast T-Mobile put it out.I don’t see any other us carriers releasing it!

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