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Samsung Responds to Androidspin.com


One of the big Android news stories today came from our friends at Androidspin.com.  Androidspin.com ran a story from an unattributable source at T-Mobile proclaiming that Samsung and T-Mobile were holding back an official Vibrant update to Froyo to make way for the forthcoming Samsung Vibrant 4G.

While we certainly understand the frustration that not only Samsung Vibrant owners are feeling, but owners of all 4 major US carriers’ Samsung Galaxy S devices, are feeling, we dont believe for a second that Samsung is holding back all four Galaxy S devices.

There are significant changes in the way both companies are preparing for the release of the Vibrant 4G versus the original vibrant.  For starters former T-Mobile head of PR, Pete Debrow told thedroidguy in July that they did a “soft” rollout for the Vibrant because it  wasn’t a franchise device.  According to tmonews.com T-Mobile is supporting the new Vibrant full on.

There is much debate on the Samsung Vibrant vs the Samsung Vibrant 4g.  Most are suggesting that the newer version only adds a front facing camera, a new movie and the branding 4g.  The Androidspin.com piece even suggests that the original version and the new version will see the same speeds on 4G.
We contend that while the original is 7.2 it won’t see the 21mbps that the newer mork will see.

As for the allegation that Samsung is holding back the update, the first thought is ok then what’s your reasoning for the Fascinate, Epic 4G and the Captivate? 

Samsung has also responded to our request for comment saying:

“Samsung Mobile does not comment on rumors or speculation.  With regard to the Froyo update, we recently issued the following statement: “Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S. Galaxy S owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience.  Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all US Galaxy S owners, including the Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible”


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  1. This is what happens when you let carriers dictate your mobile OS upgrades. Learn to Root, which is actually easy, and you can upgrade as soon as Big G releases.

  2. The only thing Samsung told us was….. “we got your money” bitch and complain ALL you want we have NO intentions only releasing any update that may result in people not buying our”4g” pos that has the ffc your phone should gave come with… Thank you for putting port kids through college

  3. Are you kidding? Samsung basically replied to these allegations with a canned response from their PR/marketing department. This is a classic example of “damage recovery” on a brand that is truly at fault for not following up on its promises.

    I would like to see Samsung admit they were wrong, apologize for the delay, then give its customers an honest time frame for when Froyo will be shipped.

  4. Its just funny that they can sell a new phone with 2.2 but are having so many issues updating one that’s pretty darn close to the same thing. Just lets me know go with HTC or a high end Motorola phone because I want timely updates, not to have to worry about rooting just to get an update that the phone should have released with

  5. There is a bigger problem here. Samsung is the worst offender so far but ask the manufacturers are starting to do this. Look at the Sony X10 fiasco!

    I Love Android with a passion but I’d seriously considering leaving the platform if this continues. I don’t work in the mobile industry but I’m starting to wonder (NOT defend) if these manufacturers see no option to make money? Maybe they think if they upgrade these phones people just won’t by a new one, or at least not fast enough to sustain them.

    I don’t know.. but the entire situation sucks for Android users

  6. Motorola is doing the same thing with the Milestone 1, delaying the update to 2.2.

    I’m getting tired and pissed because the programs for Android get bigger and heavier and I can’t install them in my 8 GB SD card as I’m running out of inner storage space.

    I should’ve bought a HTC but it wasn’t available where I live

  7. Samsung stated back in June that ALL Galaxy S devices would be getting the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update before the end of 2010 and here we are in early 2011 without this update while new Android 2.2 and even 2.3 devices are starting to appear.

  8. I don’t believe that Samsung intentionally held back on this. I think it lies on T-Mobile as the wireless provider. When I had a blackberry with AT&T, there was an update to the software on my phone internationally, but not in the States, so I had to go to the official RIM site and download the update from a Greek wireless provider to get the update. AT&T stateside wasn’t releasing it.

    I’m thinking that T-Mobile is really the culprit here. With that I say – GO SPRINT!

  9. Thats fairly normal for a company like this. Being vague allows them to prevent any further implication, whether the email was true or not in the AndroidSPIN article. It is true that it could be simply a disgruntled employee or not even an employee at all, but it has stirred everyones minds and hopefully made Samsung sit up and listen a little more to the wants of it’s users.

  10. Great Samsung not only has crap business ethics but there also blatant liars! Go away Samsung we really really don’t need you in our life!

  11. Droid Guy, if you’re going to defend Samsung, don’t just regurgitate the same bovine excrement their PR department has been spewing since September. If you still buy that load of crap, then you’re the only one. I don’t know what’s keeping them from updating the other Galaxy S models, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we would have seen Froyo OTAs months ago if Samsung actually card about supporting their devices and listening to their customers.

  12. Let’s issue an official statement vaguely describing what is involved with updating software on a phone and make sure to use big words. We’ll sound smart and credible if we use a lot of big words.

  13. It’s sickening! I will NEVER buy anything Samsung until they come clean and refute the claims (if there us anything to refute). IMO, I believe they are intentionally holding it back.

  14. Its a total scam. I firmly believe, personally, that they do in fact have the update but have not been allowed to push it out. In a marketing strategy it would take some bragging rights away from the “new” phone that they are launching. It has always been that way in corporate life. Why support what they have out if they can make the public buy more devices. Thats where the money is, there is no money in software updates. If they could figure out a way for people to pay for an update I promise they will make it happen more often.

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