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Samsung “Don’t Call Me Inspiration” Galaxy S 4G/LTE Phone on Verizon is FAST!

Don’t call this phone the Samsung Inspiration. A Verizon Wireless employee who spoke to Thedroidguy on conditions of anonymity confirmed that they were going to call this device the “Inspiration” however at the last minute Samsung pulled the name because it was too close to AT&T’s Samsung “Inspire”.  That left Verizon having to edit promo videos the day that CES began.

Our very own Russell Holly will have the Samsung SCH-I1510/Samsung Galaxy S 4G on stage with hin today as he is a tech pundit on the NBC stage in conjunction with the Planet8 podcast found here

Check out the speed test.

Source: TMFDG


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  1. If I can use this to tether wireless products (xbx, laptop) then I’m canceling my Internet subscription

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