Samsung Did Sell 10 Million Galaxy S Phones

Posted on Jan 3 2011 - 1:31am by Kyle


Samsung has reported that they sold the 10 Million Galaxy S phones they were hoping for in 2010.

Jason Kim, a spokesperson for Samsung told Bloomberg in an interview Sunday that Samsung hit their goal world wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S was released in June. 

The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S to hit the US followed a few days later by AT&T with the Samsung Captivate. Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G came at the end of August and featured a slide out Qwerty keyboard, and 4G radio.  In September Verizon released the Samsung Fascinate.

When Samsung first stated they would sell 10 million Galaxy S phones it seemed like a lofty goal.  However with the 1ghz hummingbird processor and superAMOLED screen its one of the sharpest Android handsets available.

All of the US Variants including one at US Cellular and one at Cellular South, are still on Android 2.1

Source: Businessweek

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  • Lrobles787

    Where is the ota update Froyo 2.2 for the USA. Everyboby else is getting outside the USA. Why we are the people on earth to get it.