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Pandigital Introduced 9″ Android E-Read/Tablet

Last month we heard that Pandigital had an Android device has been announced with AT&T 3G connectivity.

Pandigital,  intoduced the Pandigital Novel a 9″ color e-reader, tablet available through major US retailers for $279,99 (think Kohls etc as with their other products) The Novel features AT&T wireless conncetivity and the Pandigital release says that they will have access to the market.

Pandigital introdued their Novel e-reader line last year through national retailers like Kohl’s and according to John Clough, President of Pandigital, the line has been succesful.

AT&T’s David Haight is equally as excited “By introducing wireless capabilities to the Pandigital Multimedia Novel, AT&T is thrilled to connect consumers with easy access to their favorite books and periodicals while on the go,” said David Haight, vice president, business development for emerging devices, AT&T Mobility.

Source: Businesswire


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  1. can’t recommend this purchase only because of pandigital. I own the current e-reader, and they refuse to open source the necessary code in order to do a proper porting of android. If they want to use android they need to follow the licensing terms, and you’re better off getting a another android tablet.

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