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Motorola’s Awesomesauce and A Moto Fail


Motorola just wrapped up their press conference unveiling 4 new products for 2011. We will explore them more later but as a summary here you go:

The first was the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T they are billing it is the “Worlds Most Powerful Smartphone” and it just might be.
The Atrix will run on AT&Ts 4G network announced this morning which will feature a powerful 20 new phones and 2 technology phases. (HSPA+ and LTE).
The Atrix features some innovative accessories that literally turn your phone into a computer in your pocket.  We especially liked the Webtop app that literally turns the Atrix into a laptop.

Motorola officially announced the follow up to the T-Mobile, Motoblur flagship device the Motorola Cliq, the Motorola Cliq 2.

The Cliq 2 features a unique beehive styled keyboard. It of course runs Motoblur which according to Jha has nearly 6 million subscribers.

Next up was Verizon’s Droid Bionic, the first 4G/LTE Android powered device. The Moto Fail from the headline: Its running Android 2.2 and not Gingerbread.

The Grand Finale and the bomb dot com was of course The Motorola Xoom. This Honeycomb tablet is being billed as the first tablet tablet with Android 3.0(Jha’s words).

The really great thing about the Xoom is the fact that will roll out in the 1st quarter with 3G and is upgradeable to 4G/LTE

More on all of these great announcements soon.

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  1. I am sorry to say that Motorola is once more full of BS. They released NO updates in any region within or between countries for their Android phones to Froyo for example. They only upgraded 2 phone models only in USA from all of their models. See for proof: https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/mana

    Just stay away from Motorola, they are making empty promises over and over. Have a google search for MotoFail to see that masses are unhappy with Motorola. Motorola tried to sell their mobile phones division which was going down and couldnt even manage that. In the end, they divided the company in two so the Mobility division can die off without pulling the whole company down! See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola#Finances

    Not to mention, Motorola is closing down their business already. They used to have localized sites in Europe, like Finnish site etc. Now they reduced it to for example Motorola Nordic site. If you go to Nordic site, you will see that they didnt even bother updating it. They still show the old Milestone I phone there. Not to mention, the only Android phone in that site is that… Have a look: http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/NN-EN/Home

    Do you really think that if Motorola is so weak that it cant even manage updating their own web pages, they will be able to provide any updates to their phones? Especially considering the pages are immensely similar in each area so they could just copy/paste to able to update them easily!

    If you buy a Motorola device, it is likely that:
    1- You will not receive any Android updates.
    2- The chances are Motorola will die on you and you will be owner of an antique from non-existent manufacturer.
    3- If you happen to have problems with your phone, for example spontaneous reboots etc. you can forget about receiving bugfixes for them.
    4- Since Motorola drops support so quickly from phones, after 6 months all your money you payed will turn into ashes and you will end up with a phone which is an unsupported brick.
    5- Since Motorola encrypts/locks bootloader and kernel, you wont be able to apply new Android versions yourself either.

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