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LG’s G-Slate Shows Up On Youtube In Mystery Guitar Man’s Video Confirms 3D

Engadget has found a video by a mysteryguitarman sneaking a glimpse of the new LG G-Slate headed to T-Mobile later this year.

The LG G-Slate made a cameo appearance in a Korean Pop video last week. This week the video is a little closer and a little more clear. The screen capture shot shows the “With Google” branding strip in between the dual cameras.

The G-Slate doesn’t make it’s appearance until 3:39 into the longwinded video about 3D

The T-Mobile G-Slate has an unconfirmed release date in March of 2011 the specs include:

8.9″ display allowing 3D viewing with or without glasses
Dual camera (presumably part of the 3d experience)
Tegra 2 Dual Core CPU
USB connection (with host)
HDMI output

We’ll have more on the LG G-Slate soon.

Source: Engadget

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