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Google TV Arrives At Samsung

In late 2010 it was reported that Google had asked some of their vendor partners like Vizio and Toshiba to pull back on their plans to announce Google TV partnerships here at CES.  The same reports suggested that Samsung would still make their Google TV plans known, and they have.

Samsung has announced two new Google TV integrated devices, including a blu ray player and a set top box. Both pieces allow the customers to use Google TV to enhance the viewing experience with access to online content, social media, show archives (on participating networks) and more.

Like other Google TV appliances, the Samsung units will feature a full qwerty keyboard in addition to other unique functionality.

The Samsung Google TV products will be available in the first half of 2011

Source: TMFDG/Samsung


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  1. The Google TV isn’t having the success they predicted, but trust me, is it well worth it. I work for DISH and recently added this cool Technology to my system. Basically it made my Big-Screen my new computer work station. Now I can search and work online, watch my favorite programs all through a Google search, check news and sports stats WHILE I’m watching them and use my wireless Keyboard as a remote. Very COOL!!! Check it out at Dish.com/GoogleTV to get a more in-depth look at this beauty.

  2. Good to see Samsung jump on the GoogleTV bandwagon. Samsung makes great products and GoogleTV is awesome, an enhanced TV, video and Internet converged experience.

    We’ve had a Sony GoogleTV appliance since early December and it has been a hit with everyone who’s been at the house since then, young and adults, technology friend as well as non-tech people.

    We need to buy another GoogleTV.

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