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Android To Be #1 In US By 2012

The great folks at eMarketer Digital Intelligence have just released a report that shows two interesting things. The first is that IOS is expected to beat RIM out this year, however by 2012 Android will reign supreme in the US.

The eMarketer report says that Apple took 28% of the US smatphone user market while Android came in at a close second with 24%. RIM held onto 30% in 2010 but is expected to see a decline to 25% in 2011.

eMarketer predicts that Apple’s percentage will top out at 30% in 2012 while Android wil continue to grow at 31% in 2012.  eMarketer’s Noah Elkin said “With a growing roster of manufacturer and carrier partners in every major market and market segment, scale for Android is coming quickly in terms of device, market share, apps and ad revenues.”

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IOS, Android and Blackberry are all expected to release next generation tablets next year. Android and their manufacturer partners have several next generation smartphones in the wings and Apple is expected to release an iPhone 5 in the early summer, this time most likely with 4G capabilities. It’s unclear whether the iPhone 5 will release to AT&T, Verizon or both.

There was also hint today via the Wall Street Journal, that Nokia may actually be considering a move to Android.  We’ll have to see. As it stands it still shows that Android will continue to grow.

Source: Techcrunch and eMarketer


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  1. Android is #1 right now. Probably globally. Why can’t anyone get it thru their heads. 300,000+/day.

    iPhones? 16 million a quarter= 180,000/day
    Blackberry even fewer
    Nokia has never said they are moving more than 300K/day.
    Who is left? No one.

    Android is king!

  2. Shouldn’t we really be comparing apples-to-apples here? There are over 120 Android devices, yet only 2 iOS devices. So, I would say it is only fair to mention that while Android may take over #1 spot in the market, that is based upon the fact that there are 60 times more devices and what 4-5 major carriers??

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